Problem running examples rdecay01/rdecay02

Dear All, I’m a newbie of Geant4 and I’m trying to running Co60.mac in example rdecay01 (examples/extended/radioactivedecay) but something seems to be wrong.
Here is the output (part of):

======================== run summary ======================

  • The run was 1000000 Co60 of 0 eV *
  • ===========================================================*

Nb of generated particles:

Total time of life (full chain): mean = 0 ps half-life = 0 ps ( 0 ps --> 0 ps )

Total visible energy (full chain) : mean = 0 eV ( 0 eV --> 0 eV )

Activity of Co60 = 0 Bq/g (0 Ci/g)

It seems that no particles are generated in the decay. This happens also if I change the ion source and also for all the other macros in examples rdecay01 and rdecay02.
Note: I’m using Geant4 10.03.p03 - Radioactive decay 5.1.1 - Photonevaporation 4.3.2.

Any suggestions? (I hope this question doesn’t sound too naive.)
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe, your environment variables G4RADIOACTIVEDATA and/or G4LEVELGAMMADATA are not defined or point on a wrong directory.

Ouch, there was a misspelling in the directory name (RadioactiveDecay5.1 instead of RadioactiveDecay5.1.1 :flushed:). Now it works. Thank you!