Problem to view the page of (viewer-0(OpenGLStoredQt))

I just installed the new release of Geant4.
When I run some examples such as TestEM7, 8, …, the page of (viewer-0(OpenGLStoredQt)) not appear. I have only the useful tips page. Please see the attached screen shot.
Otherwise, I believe there is no problem with OpenGL because another examples such as B1. 2., and 3 work fine.
Can you help with this?

This is simply because the command /vis/open has not been issued. It is waiting for you. It is simply because the designers of the TestEm series have chosen not to execute a default macro in interactive mode. Do it yourself with /control/execute vis.mac.

(In most of the basic examples, the designers have chosen to execute a macro (usually init_vis.mac) when starting up in interactive mode. A G4 app is “interactive” when the app starts a UI session. By convention in our examples, if no command line argument is given on start-up (argc == 0) it starts a UI session. Have a look at the main program of B1 and compare it with the main program of TestEm5 - you will see how this is done and see the difference. It is a matter of choice.)

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