Problem With Muon Decay at Rest Neutrino Spectra

There appears to be a problem with the neutrino spectra produced by G4MuonMinusBoundDecay. Attached are plots of the muon neutrino and electron antineutrino spectra produced by invoking G4MuonMinusBoundDecay::ApplyYourself 1 million times for a muon in mercury (A = 202, Z = 80). The spectra are identical for the two neutrino species which is incorrect.

Note that this issue does not appear when the muons decay in flight or in vacuum in which case the generic “Decay” process acts instead of “G4MuonMinusBoundDecay”.

nuEBarBoundDecay.pdf (14.0 KB) nuMuBoundDecay.pdf (14.0 KB)