Problems creating OpenGL view

Hello, I’m pretty new to Geant4 and I am having a similar problem as emurray in Problem using OpenGL.

I am trying to run example B1 and I get the error “parameter value (OGL) is not listed in the candidate List.”

The difference for me is that when I ran B1 a week ago everything ran smoothly, so this error is new. I never modified my CMakeList files, but now that I search, I can’t find GEANT4_USE_OPENGL_WIN32 in any of them.

I think the piece of information I need is to know which CMakeList needs GEANT4_USE_OPENGL_WIN32.


As an update, /vis/open OGL 600x600-0+0 works sometimes. In a version of example B1 that I compiled a week ago everything works fine, but when I compile an exact copy it doesn’t work.