Project Files Invalid

When trying to calibrate the software, an error message appears saying that the project files are invalid and that they cannot be calibrated.

What version of Geant4 and CMake are you using, and what error messages are being printed?

Geant 4 10.7
The error messages are;

What does it say in relation to these and why they are causing an error? CMake should be printing output at the terminal or in the cmake-gui panel. We need to see what those say.

These are the error messages I receive when trying to configure.

Thanks for the info. The error is down to the wrong source directory being passed to CMake. In the above, it’s

C:/Users/***/Documents/Geant4 Extracted/geant4_10_07/source

where it should be

C:/Users/***/Documents/Geant4 Extracted/geant4_10_07/

Please see the Installation on Windows Guide for additional info here.

Okay thank you I will try this resolution and get back to you. Thank you for your help

I have just tried it quickly and the configuration has worked. Thanks.