Proton capture in Geant4

Is there a radiative proton capture cross section in geant?

It’s worth noting that the cross-section for radiative proton capture (radiative capture) is a specific process that is not included in the proton inelastic cross-section.

This type of interaction is not commonly used and not commonly simulated by GEANT4. However, if you are looking for radiative proton capture cross-section data you can use external libraries or libraries outside GEANT4 and use them to calculate the cross-section.


  • TALYS: TALYS is a versatile program for the calculation of nuclear reaction cross sections and decay properties, it can be used for light nuclei as well as for heavy nuclei up to the actinides. The code uses a variety of different models to calculate cross sections, including the Hauser-Feshbach statistical model, the direct reaction model, and the compound nucleus model.
  • EMPIRE: EMPIRE is a software package for the calculation of nuclear reaction cross sections, including radiative capture. It is a user-friendly and flexible code that can be used to calculate cross-sections for a wide range of nuclei and energies.
  • GNASH: The Generalized Nuclear Astrophysics and Structure of Heavy Elements (GNASH) code is a library of nuclear reaction rates that can be used to study the nucleosynthesis of heavy elements. It can be used for radiative proton captures, as well as other types of nuclear reactions, such as neutron captures.
  • Non-smoker: The Non-smoker is a widely used tool to calculate radiative capture cross sections. The code uses the statistical Hauser-Feshbach model and provides a detailed breakdown of all contributing reaction channels. It can be used for a wide range of nuclei, including both stable and radioactive isotopes.

I hope this helps.