Qt download and use

Hi there

I’ve started using Geant4 again, on Windows 10, after some time and have successfully installed version 10.5.1 in line with my copy of MSVC 2017.

Things run fine but the OpenGL visualisation is pretty poor so not surprisingly I’d like to get Qt up and running (yes I know I’ll need to reconfigure the install to allow use of Qt).

My question is this: what Qt packages/installs etc are needed? I’ve got the open source installer from the Qt website but it acts as an installer for all of their available software (~ 360Gb of data which is insane, I clearly don’t need all this).

Can anybody please talk me through what it is I specifically need to download, which parts to install, where to put it so it talks to Geant4 and how to reconfigure so that when I run a simulation it opens in the nice looking Qt vis?

Loaded q I know. If anyone can redirect towards somewhere where this info already exists then please do, but I’ve had a look around and couldn’t find anything.

Thanks very much.


I am not familiar with Windows but for Mac the downloader allows you to select the components you need. From memory…just select the version you want and don’t select (or unselect) Qt add ons - QCreator(?) and such (might have got names wrong). That way I get the download down to a GB or two.