Qt4's small visual problem on MacOS

Greetings! Recently I success to install Geant4 on my MacBook.
However, on the example B1 visualization, I found the problem of 1/4 size of the full screen. I did not manipulate any setup for install. But this is my first time to experience on the Mac. Previously, Windows, CentOS, and Ubuntu did not show this one.

Could you give some advice to me to solve this problem?
Thank you!

I’ve moved this to the Vis forum as it should get the attention of the experts here!

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(Ben, it was already on the Vis Forum.)

Interesting. What are the versions of Geant4, MacOS and Qt?

The versions are 10.06.p2 for Geant4, 10.15.6 for macOS, and 4.8.7 for Qt.

Please try Qt5. Qt4 is deprecated in Geant4 10.6 - see release notes. I am on Qt 5.15.0 on MacOS 10.15.5,

Thanks for your reply. I tried Qt5, but there were many errors to config in Geant4 (such as β€œthis code requires qt 4.x call stack (most recent call first)”) and more. I should use Qt4 for now, and I would figure out how to successfully apply Qt5 to Geant4.

One β€œgotcha” with Qt5 installation is the need to set CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH - see Installation Guide.

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A lot of time has passed. During the time, I did my task on another server computer (CentOS). And have with many trials, eventually, I could figure out the method to conduct CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH something on CMake, so I solve this problem with my Qt5 version 5.15.2! I appreciate it again.