QWidget warning while running ExampeB1 in Mac Big Sur

Dear All,
I just updated my Mac OS to Big Sur and reinstalled geant4-10.06-p03 along with QT5 and Xqaurtz. I get no problem while building or installing geant4 but when I run example B1 I get the following message:

qt.qpa.window: <QNSWindow: 0x7f9c706c9570; contentView=<QNSView: 0x7f9c72608b10; QCocoaWindow(0x7f9c72608930, window=QWidgetWindow(0x7f9c72607c30, name=“QGLWidgetClassWindow”))>> has active key-value observers (KVO)! These will stop working now that the window is recreated, and will result in exceptions when the observers are removed. Break in QCocoaWindow::recreateWindowIfNeeded to debug.

The visualisation window opens and there doesn’t seem to be any problem with that, but I am just wondering why I get this message and what it means as I haven’t seen it before with the Mac Catalina OS. Thank you very much in advance,

Best Regards,

I’m not sure of the underlying issue, so hopefully our Qt/Vis experts can answer.

Geant4 support for Big Sur is only at a preliminary level at the moment, and then only in the new 10.7 release which should be out next week - but good to hear it’s working o.k. on the older version!

Dear Benjamin,
Thanks a lot for the message… I will try to check next week then with the newer geant4 version also. I am currently trying to check if the visualisation breaks or if there is any problem for more complicated geometries with multiple boolean operations for example. In the meantime if someone can comment on the reason and the meaning for this Qt message I will definitely be interested in that :slight_smile: … Thank you again,