Real-time show on running particles

Hello All,
I have a question. Can we have a real-time show of each event on Qt UI? If so, how we can see that?
Thanks in advance.


/vis/scene/endOfEventAction refresh

which is the default, actually. You could also try

/vis/ogl/flushAt endOfEvent

There are lots of nice commands. Browse with “help” or “ls” or look in the Application Developers Guide -> Control -> Built-in commands.

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Thank you for your help. Actually, what I meant was how I could see a particle or beam goes through the environment, makes the interactions until it get killed. and then the next particle is shot. I want to see the slow motion animation of the events actually. I have been searching regarding that, but I couldn’t find the solution. Could you help me regarding that?
Thank you.

See if this helps: Trajectory Visualization: Make a movie in batch mode](/t/trajectory-visualization-make-a-movie-in-batch-mode/1534/4), posted on this forum a few weeks ago.

Thank you. I am checking that page.