Remove errors MyUserScoreWriter & MyVisManager

can anyone help me to remove the errors

Hi. It looks like you are using code based on a very old example. More than 15 years ago - maybe 20 - we provided and recommended G4VisExecutive as the concrete vis manager to obviate the need for users to write their own vis manager (MyVisManager). In that time there has been a significant major release, namely Geant4 10-series, and some interfaces changed. Only a few, but maybe enough to explain why you are getting problems with MyVisManager and MyUserScorerWriter.

Have a look at the 10-series release notes:
It mentions scorers under Geometry. Not sure exactly how that impacts your application.

Have a look at our current examples - they all use G4VisExecutive. And for scorers, maybe examples/extended/parallel/ThreadsafeScorers will help.

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thank you.
does that mean i have to replace both classes MyVisManager and MyUserScorerWriter with another one ?

Replace MyVisManger with G4VisExecutive - yes.

Not sure about MyUserScorerWriter - maybe more an adaptation for the 10-series.

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G4THitsMap is std::map<G4int,G4StatDouble*>, you should correct your code as such.

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std::map<G4int, G4double*> * score = msMapItr->second->GetMap();
how can i correct it?