Root can not be used in Geant4-11.0.0?

when i use root6.24/06 and Geant4-11.0.0 to do a simulation, so many errors occurs at building the projection, like below:
/usr/local/root/include/Vc/sse/…/common/storage.h:106:31: error: ‘BuiltinType’ is not a class template
106 | template <size_t Size> struct BuiltinType<unsigned char , Size, 32> { typedef unsigned char type Vc_VECBUILTIN; };
| ^~~~~~~~~~~

everythings work well in Geant4-10.7.1.

There is no problem for me about your question on Fedora-34.

ROOT headers seem to be including Vc headers and leaking that to your code. Please make sure that you have all the include paths properly setup and that you compiled both ROOT and Geant4 with the C++17 standard. If the problem does not go away, we’d need to get the full error output to know which headers are including Vc.

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