Running multiple macro files and ouputting to different files


I am looking to run multiple macro files one after the other and have my program output the results of each macro file to a new file.

I can create a “master” macro file that is just a large number of “/control/execute run_x.mac” commands to run all the macro files.

A macro command to rename the output file would be very helpful.

Alternatively, a macro command to input an integer variable into the geant program would be work as I could update that integer after each /control/execute run_x.mac" command then rename each file with that integer.

Each macro file contains a different number of runs so using GetRunID() isn’t an option.

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By the output of the results do you mean you create the file using the analysis manager?
If so, you can change the file name with:

/analysis/setFileName name           # Set name for the output file

It’s used e.g. in the basic/B5/run2.mac example.

Yes thank you, that’s exactly what I needed! I think i had my instance of analysis manager in the wrong place.

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