Scintillator Behaviour - No 3D Emission?


I’m running a simulation with a layer of scintillating material (CsI, dark blue in screenshot) upon which a 200 keV beam is incident. I’ve tried electron/gamma/positron beams, but all the scintillation appears to be happening in the plane of the scintillator (i.e. no z-component), so of course I am detecting no optical photons on my virtual detector (light blue)

Is there something I’m missing in order to fix this? My understanding was the scintillation is meant to occur isotropically over a 4pi solid angle.

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 12.26.43|690x382

(Note the forward photon in the screenshot has energy 100 keV therefore is most likely a bremsstrahlung “gamma”)

Optical photons will only travel from one PV to another if both have an index of refraction defined. Make sure you define an index of refraction for your world volume material

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