Scoring mesh reading

Hello, I produce a scoring mesh file in this way

/score/create/cylinderMesh boxMesh_1
/score/mesh/cylinderSize 0.75 0.15 cm
#/score/mesh/translate/xyz 0.1 0.1 0.0 cm
/score/mesh/nBin 30 30 30
/score/quantity/energyDeposit eDep
/score/quantity/nOfStep nOfStepGamma
/score/filter/particle gammaFilter gamma
/score/quantity/nOfStep nOfStepEMinus
/score/filter/particle eMinusFilter e-
/score/filter/particle muMinusFilter mu-
/score/quantity/nOfStep nOfStepEPlus
/score/filter/particle ePlusFilter e+
/score/filter/particle muPlusFilter mu+

boxMesh_1-4.txt (1.9 MB)

and I’ve 4 blocks

  1. primitive scorer name: eDep
  2. primitive scorer name: nOfStepEMinus
  3. primitive scorer name: nOfStepEPlus
  4. primitive scorer name: nOfStepGamma

Is the released energy eDep is releated to all the selected particles that we read in the dump file doing steps nOfStepEMinus, nOfStepEPlus nOfStepGamma, i.e.electrons, positrons and photons?

Thank you