SCRIPTS CMake Lists files

In the CMakeLists.txt mainly in the set(EXAMPLE3_ SCRIPTS ) I got Main_DPGA.out not only in here but also in all examples in the scripts of the CMakeLists.txt. Why we added the that file and from where can I get for my simulation? a snap shot sample is attached here.

Thank you for your help!

Not sure I understand the question… What errors are you seeing? There’s no Geant4 example with a file, so not sure whether this is your code, or from somewhere else?

Thank Dear for your response.
Sorry if my question is vague. Yes as you said the above snapshot is taken from from but in general almost in all examples of the geant4 CmakeLists.txt both .out and .in are included. For example if you see ExampleB1 it includes the snapshot attached here.

The .out files are nominally the stdout/err output produced by running the application with the .in script of the same name, e.g.

$ exampleB1
... output here is generally the contents of the exampleB1.out file ...

So if in you application you have a script then myscript.out could be generated, on Unix, via:

$ myapplication > myscript.out 2>&1 

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