SetScintillationYieldFactor in v11


I see the function SetScintillationYieldFactor in the header G4Scintillation.hh. However I cannot find this function being used nor defined further in v11. Was it forgotten to be removed?

In 10.7, the yield factor for scint was set via the optical parameters. I see that this was changed in v11. Due to the recent change, I am a bit confused what to finally do to set the yield factor. Does it still make sense to do so? Is there another (new) function for that? For example to use SetScintillationByParticleType and/or G4OpticalMaterialProperties instead?
For all other optical parameters, the situation appears clear to me.
Thanks a lot for feedback or confirmation.

The declaration of the function SetScintillationYieldFactor in the header should have been removed for v11.

In v11, if you have particle specific yields (different numbers of optical photons produced per unit energy loss of primary), use the material properties ALPHASCINTILLATIONYIELD, etc. This is done in example OpNovice2 with macro scint_by_particle.mac. Note that this example specifies material properties in the macro–in your code, you would want to specify the material properties in C++, as in the other examples.

Thank you very much for your reply!
What are the default values of the various particle yields? Which setting corresponds to the previous SetScintillationYieldFactor(1.0) being applied to all particles? I mean what would I need to set for e.g. ALPHASCINTILLATIONYIELD to get the same result as for the old way of settings?
Thanks again.

Let’s back up a bit. What do you want to do? Do you want the yield for different primary particles to be different?

In the old version, if one wanted e.g. yield ratios and yields that were different for different primary particles, one would create their own physics list, and attach a G4Scintillation to each primary of interest. But there’s only one SCINTILLATIONYIELD material property, which would be read by each particle’s scintillation process. To make the yields different, set the yield factor in the process for each particle.

In version 11 (or as an option in 10.7): One can use the provided G4OpticalPhysics physics list for this. SetParticleSpecificYields is true, as before. Then ALPHASCINTILLATIONYIELD is the same as the previous SCINTILLATIONYIELD times the previous ScintillationYieldFactor. Same for all primary particles.

Thank you very much! That’s clear now. Best regards.