Shield for the scintillator

Hello, in this topic Drawing Vacuum chamber using boolean solid @evc helped me to build a vacuum chamber with a scintillator…

Now I would put the scintillator in a shield trasparent to IR…I built the shield, but it isn’t correctly orientated…

The shield should have the same direction of the vacuum chamber (in green in the pictorial view) …for example radius 0.5cm and height 10cm the thickness, for example 0.1cm
Then I defined in

//Plastic Scintillator Shield
	G4int MatScintShield = 0; // material of the shield 0 is sapphire (Al2O3), 1 is Potassium Bromide (KBr)
	G4double pRMaxSSE = 0.5*cm; //external radius
	G4double ScintillatorShieldThick = 0.1*cm; //Thickness of scintillator shield
    G4double pRMaxSSI = pRMaxSSE-ScintillatorShieldThick; //Internal radius
	G4double pDzSSE = 10*cm; //Height
	G4double pDzSSI = 0.5*pDzSSE-ScintillatorShieldThick; //Internal height

and in DetectorConstruction

else if (fScintillatorShield)  {
	solidBarrelScintShield = new G4Tubs("BarrelScintShield", 0., fpDzSSE, 0.5*fpDzSSE, 0., twopi);
     logicBarrelScintShield = new G4LogicalVolume(solidBarrelScintShield, ScintShieldMat, "BarrelScintShield");
     solidVacuumScintShield = new G4Tubs("VacuumScintShield", 0., fpRMaxSSI, fpDzSSI, 0., twopi);
     logicVacuumScintShield = new G4LogicalVolume(solidVacuumScintShield, world_mat, "VacuumScintShield"); 
	 PlastScint = new G4Box("PlastScint", 0.5*fScint_sizeX, 0.5*fScint_sizeY, 0.5*fScint_sizeZ);
     logicScint = new G4LogicalVolume(PlastScint, ScintMat, "PlasticScintillator");  
     new G4PVPlacement(G4RotateY3D(fbetaScint)*G4TranslateZ3D(fzScintPos), logicBarrelScintShield, "BarrelScintShield", logicWorld, false, 0, checkOverlaps); 
	 new G4PVPlacement(0, G4ThreeVector(), logicVacuumScintShield, "VacuumScintShield", logicBarrelScintShield, false, 0, checkOverlaps); 
	 new G4PVPlacement(0, G4ThreeVector(), logicScint, "PlasticScintillator", logicVacuumScintShield, false, 0, checkOverlaps);  

but the shield is rotated of 90° respect to I wanted

in addiction the dimensions don’t look like how I set (I guess it depends on the orientation)

I tried to rotate the shield 90° along x
in this way

new G4PVPlacement(G4RotateX3D(90*deg)*G4RotateY3D(fbetaScint)*G4TranslateZ3D(fzScintPos), logicBarrelScintShield, "BarrelScintShield", logicWorld, false, 0, checkOverlaps);

…but I get this


@evc…surely you know how to fix … (27.2 KB) (18.0 KB)