Some confusions

Hello guys,

I’m kind of new user of Geant4 and I need to use this tool to simulate processes inside my detector. I understand that the first step would be to build the geometry of my detector which I’ve done so far. But then, there are comes a tones of classes of G4 which I have no idea what role they play. If you please point a finger where I can find the comprehensive but step-by-step materials where explanations are given? But please, don’t tell me to use heavy user guide, for me it’s bit unfortunate.

I’ve created my geometry, then what should I do? How can I retrieve the information? Which classes, methods can be used?


a well-established approach is to take a closer look at the numerous examples:

pick one that is very similar to what you want to achieve and use this as a basis for your simulation.

ok. Does G4 have doxygen?

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