The cross section of Bremsstrahlung is related to the cutvalue(threshold) setted to gamma

Hi, I have some questing about how the cutvalue of gamma influence the cross section of Bremsstrahlung?
There are two condition of the cutvalue setting. One is that cutvalue for gamma is 5mm, another is that the cut value for gamma is 1mm. The cut value for e+,e- are same, both are 1mm for the two condition. But the simulate result shows that the probability of Bremsstrahlung of the first condition is smaller than the second condition.
I think that the the cross section for electron would be influenceed by cut value for electron but no the cut for gamma. The two condition would has the same result for electron physics. But it is not.


what you decribe is correct: if you change cut/production threshold for gamma you change both restricted dEdx for electron and restricted cross section. See Physics Reference Manuel for more details: