The JENDL_HE data in G4NDL directory is automatically used in geant4?

I want to do a simulation about neutron elactic reaction with 1-H-1 at 100MeV, the related cross section data is found in JENDL_HE directory from G4NDL, is this data used automatically or something special needed to do?

or, how to kown the cross section data in directory
“path to/Geant4_10.7_Qt/data/G4NDL4.6/JENDL_HE/neutron/Elastic/CrossSection”
is used?


I don’t think JENDL cross-section set is not used in GEANT4. Only data files are included in “G4NDL/JENDL_HE/”, but there is no implementation of JENDL cross-sections. Please refer to the source link : geant4/source/processes/hadronic/models/particle_hp/src at geant4-10.7-release · Geant4/geant4 · GitHub

There are G4ParticleHPJENDLHEData, G4ParticleHPJENDLHEElasticData, and G4ParticleHPJENDLHEInelasticData in the code, but they never used in any code of GEANT4.

I suggest you to build a new cross-section data (G4VCrossSectionDataSet) to use JENDL. And then you can set your cross-section data set in your physics list.


@ JeongHyeokPark, thanks!