The result of Getmass() is not match to caculate by math

Hi everyone,
I defiend a full solid sphere which r=10cm and materials is G4_Air(which density is 0.0012048 g/cm3).
i used Getmass() and get the relsult is 3.14985e+22, not match to the result 5.047 g by math calculation.i don’t konw what is wrong in this.

logical volume define:
G4Sphere* absorberdet = new G4Sphere(“absorberdet”,0cm,10cm,0,360degree,0,180degree);
absorberdetLV = new G4LogicalVolume(absorberdet,Air,“absorberdetLV”);
G4double mass= absorberdetLV->GetMass();
G4cout << "detConstruction mass in deconstruct is " << mass << G4endl;

result :
detConstruction mass in deconstruct is 3.14985e+22.

Thank you for your answer.I don’t consider E=mC^2,now i understand the descrips.

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