Time for each run


Using command-based scorer when I increase my bins from 1000 to 50000 to score neutron cell flux, my time duration to complete the run hugely increases. I am using multithreaded run on an HPC with 31 cores. Is this normal? I tried using higher cutoff for secondaries by using below commands in my macro:

/run/setCutForAGivenParticle e- 1000 km
/run/setCutForAGivenParticle e+ 1000 km
/run/setCutForAGivenParticle gamma 1000 km

Still, my runs will take approximately 21 days. I estimated this duration by doing a /run/printprogress in macro.

Is there any other way to speed up my calculation?

Also, I get his warning
G4WT15 > Warning from NeutronHP: could not find proper reaction channel. This may cause by inconsistency between cross section and model. Unchanged final states are returned.

I do not understand why is that happening and what are the effects of this warning on my simulation results.

Would be grateful for some insight into these problems.