Too much low energetic process between geant4 10.02 and 11.01


I updated a code which was using geant4 10.02 to 11.01. However i observed a factor 10 on the computation time when using the recent version of geant4 (just throwing photons on my mass model). I suspect that this is due to a increase of low energetic process because the number of tracks created for the same number of events is also multiply by a factor 10. However i tried to have a look the the EM parameters but i still did not find which parameter (or parameters) is(are) the cause.

I’m using the G4EmLivermorePolarizedPhysics library for the EM process.
I add to this topic the abstract of the EM parameters used for each geant4 version.

I you have a idea of the parameter which could induce this increase of low energetic process i would be grateful.

EMparams_g10.2.txt (24.6 KB)
EMparams_g10.11.txt (26.1 KB)

Nevermind, I have found that SetDeexcitationIgnoreCut was put to true instead to false and it was the reason of my issue

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