Total Energy Deposited by replica

Hi everyone,

I built disk-shaped replicas inside a cylinder.

Can I calculate the total energy deposited by each replica ? Is there a guide example?

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also interested for this topic

Hi Maritza,

Can you explain what you mean by replicas? Are they each different physical volumes? If so, yes, you can tally the energy deposited in each.

Start off by looking at example B5. Take note of how a logical volume is designated at a sensitive detector within the detector construction file. In your case, your sensitive detector volume will consist of the solid volume used to define one of your “replica” volumes. You’ll then need unique physical volumes for each of your replicated volumes. The physical volumes will contain the logical volume created earlier along with its spatial coordinates, and a unique string name.

Then check out the hodoscope sensitive detector also in example B5. In this file you’ll want to keep track of each step where there is an energy deposition in addition to the name of the physical volume.

In your event action, you’ll now have access to the energy deposited at each step in addition to the name of the physical volume where the energy deposition occurred.

Hope this helps. If you need any further assistance please feel free to reach out to me.

Happy coding!