Undefined reference to G4MTRandFlat::Shoot() in 4.10.6

I have a large body of code that I am attempting to recompile. Last time I compiled I used 4.10.01.p02, but this time using the latest release (4.10.6) I am unable to compile my code as there is a “Undefined Symbol: G4MTRandFlat::shoot()”. I have checked the compiled libraries to see if there is any reference to this function in the the dylib files, but there isn’t. I have also checked to make sure that the building with Multithreading is turned on, which it is.

Has there been a change since 4.10.01.p02 and 4.10.6 that I am missing? This function is referenced in the current Doxygen code reference.

Thanks in advance, Nick.

UPDATE: I see that G4MTRandFlat is not longer listed in the Doxygen class reference documentation. So I instead used the G4RandFlat::shoot() function and my code compiles. So my question is, what is the difference between G4MTRandFlat and G4RandFlat? Is G4RandFlat thread safe?

The MT wrappers for random numbers were removed since release 10.5 as no longer necessary (reported in the release notes). Fine to use G4RandFlat also for thread-safety in the latest releases.