USD geometry export (VTK?)

Hello everyone,

I was curious if anyone has a method for exporting the simulation geometry in the USD format?

I have a workflow which allows me to convert OBJ → USD but this feels clunky and it would be much nicer to use USD directly.

I have read that this might be possible with VTK-9, in that case, is this possible using the VTKViewer?

Many thanks,


Hi Oliver,

So I thought there was a USD exporter in VTK > 9.0, so adding it would have been adding a small viewer function and recompiling. Almost all other modern exchange formats are available (glTF, webGL etc. in VTK-9 but not USD. This turns out not to be the case, but I have the C++ interface code for USD which will not take a long time to put in the G4-VTK viewer. Right now the G4-VTK graphics driver passes requests for export to the VTK API. I’ll need to create a specific export target for USD and make USD an optional dependency of Geant4. This will definitely be included in the next driver release and was always the plan. Sorry I don’t have an easier solution immediately available.


Ah thank you Stew, sorry for getting muddled.

I’ll keep an eye out for the next release!

All the best,