UserLimits in a parallel world


I’d like to use G4UserLimits* on a parallel world logical volume. I attach G4UserSpecialCuts process to the particles in my physics list and it works ok of course in the mass world, but perhaps as expected, has no effect when attached to a parallel world volume. Any advice about how I can go about this? Should I make another process that ‘looks’ at the parallel world for the user limits?

The reason I’m asking, is that in my simulation I have quite a big long model beam line model. There is a utility to simulating only up to a point for certain runs. I would define a large thin box - a bit like a plane. I would want any particle hitting that to stop, so I set the minimum kinetic energy as really big (e.g. 100 TeV). I can’t do this in the mass world because it would overlap with the real geometry. In my code, I could turn this parallel world killing plane on or off. That’s the idea anyway.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.