Using ABLA does not seem to be taken into account

Dear Geant4 team,

I am trying to couple ABLA deexcitation model with FTFP_INCL++_HP physics list.
As explained in the user guide, ABLAwithINCL, I added the suggested code in my BeginOfRunAction() method.
I am computing neutron production cross sections for materials with incident protons around 100 MeV.

My program seems to correctly pass in the loop as it displays the sentence “Coupling INCLXX to ABLA” as written in the example code. However, I do not see any change in my results with or without executing these code lines in my RunAction class.
In the output of the code, the “Pre-compound/De-excitation Physics Parameters” state:
Type of de-excitation factory Evaporation+GEM

Is there something I am missing to be able to use ABLA in G4?
Thanks for your help.