Using multiple processor codes to run simualtion

I have finished my particle detector and the photons which I am interacting with it, however, the actual simulation of around 10-100 million particles would take around 2 weeks using my computer. Looking at my thread utilization I can see I am only using 1 thread (out of 12 available). How can I use multiple cores at one time? I have have access to a cluster where I can use north of 50 cores to help run this faster. Please direct me to where this can be done because I could not find any documentation.

when you build geant4: cmake -DGEANT4_BUILD_MULTITHREADED=ON ...

Is there anyway to change this once it is already built?

Actually just checked my original install and it would appear that I had had that option turned on originally. Not sure what to do here as my simulation is only using one thread when I am running a simulation

Have a look at examples/basic/B1/init_vis.mac.

How are you constructing your run manager for this simulation? Is it G4RunManager or G4MTRunManager?

You should also consider upgrading from 10.5 to 10.7 as there is easier MT support/use in the newer version.

in your screenshot on the right, you find the note: “Command below should be a single line”
in your screenshot on the left, you find multiple warnings: “command not found”, as if you copy/pasted the command not as a single line, but as several independent lines.
make sure to have one single line, starting with cmake and ending with the path of the source code.

cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_MULTITHREADED=ON (...other options...) ../geant10.05.p01