Visualization in VecGeom

Is there any file format associated with VecGeom? Are there any viz tools that allow visualization of VecGeom shapes? We create something from GDML as a VecGeom tessellated solid programmatically and would like to test how VegGeom “sees” it.

I have not tried VecGeom, but are you saying that VecGeom volumes are not visualisable?

Usage of VecGeom in Geant4 is completely transparent for users, VecGeom shapes are used via wrappers which behave as native Geant4 shapes.

I was not clear. I would like to visualize VecGeom shapes which were created programatically. For example, if I create UnplacedTessellated instance and would like to visualize it, can I do this?

I was hoping to visualize VecGeom shapes using just VecGeom, not using Geant4. I realize that I am on the Geant4 forum, but I did not know where else I can ask this question. Thanks, Svetllana

VecGeom itself does not provide visualisation features or drivers. You need to have a program/tool that defines the graphical representations for the shapes or can interpret the 3D mesh that VecGeom provides for each shape. You can get this without effort through either Geant4 or Root, if you choose to have VecGeom as geometrical primitives.