Volume contour representation

Hello there, I am new to Geant4. I am looking to draw only the contour of a cube.

I am starting by modifying the example B1. So far I was able to change the geometry of the detectors just fine. Now I am looking to set a cube in the center of the world volume but I do not need it to be a detector, simply a shape for visual reference. I am having trouble simply representing the vertices and edges of the cube.

If I do not want the volume as defined a detector do I have to define it a certain way inside the DetectorConstruction.cc file?? Or does it have to be defined elsewhere??
And to draw only the vertices and edges do I modify the definition in the .cc file or do I have to apply a certain command in the vis.mac file??

/vis/viewer/set/style wireframe

All volumes, all materials, have to be defined in a DetectorConstruction.cc file. Some are “sensitive”, most are not, but they are still part of the detector apparatus, and must be modelled.

Hi Allison, thank you for the reply.
I tried the command in the grafics interface first to see what it did and it changed all the volumes. It does what I wanted but is there any way to target just one of the volumes with this command??

Yes, indeed.
/vis/geometry/set/forceWireframe <logical-volume-name>

Thank you for the help Allison