Volumetric GPS Source


I am trying to build a cylindrical source confined in a Physical Volume. Upon running the below macro it seems that although my particles are emerging randomly from various locations, they are mostly concentrated in the center, I have attached a figure of /run/beamOn 500, Let me know if this looks normal. I want the particles to be generated in the entire geometry with an equal spacial distribution.

/gps/particle e-
/gps/pos/type Volume
/gps/pos/shape Cylinder
/gps/pos/centre 0. 0. 0. m
/gps/pos/confine BM
#/gps/pos/radius 0.01905 m
#/gps/pos/halfz 0.0375 m
#/gps/ang/type iso
/gps/energy 1000. keV
/gps/number 1
/vis/scene/endOfEventAction accumulate


in hadronic/NeutronSource there is an example of uniform distribution within a cylinder.
But it is with ParticleGun …

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You should determine the (radius) and (halfz) for your source in the macro file which overlaps the physical volume.