What are the values of environment variables?

i want to use Geant4 to simulate energy deposition in work gas of fission chamber from fission fragment, so i referenced the example “extended/hadronic/FissionFragment” by B.Wendt, the environment variable “G4NEUTRONHP_PRODUCE_FISSION_FRAGMENTS” and or “G4NEUTRON_HP_USE_WENDT_FISSION_MODEL” need to be set, but what are their values?

see example : Hadr06/envHadronic.csh (or .sh)

@ maire,thanks!

envHadronic.txt (924 Bytes)
here is my the file to set environment variable, but it seems not work, the error hint is:

!!! The “G4NEUTRONHP_PRODUCE_FISSION_FRAGMENTS” environment variable is not set!
!!! Please set it in order to use this example.

is there something wrong with my file of setting environment variable?