What physics to use for Neutron Production for Heavy Charged Particles

Dear Geant4 Forum,

I have been comparing heavy charge particle sims on water in both
Geant4/10.04.p02 and mcnp6 and comparing the secondary neutron fluence.

The results aren’t bad but, i have noticed some disagreement.

What physics would be best for neutron production for heavy charge particles?
(as high as Argon).

I am using standard physics models:

Radioactive Decay -> G4RadioactiveDecayPhysics
Particle Decay -> G4Decay
Hadron Elastic -> 0–100 TeV -> G4HadronElasticPhysicsHP
Ion Inelastic -> 0–110 MeV Binary Light Ion Cascade
-> 100 MeV–10 GeV QMDModel
-> 9.99 GeV–1 TeV FTFP
Neutron Capture -> 0–20 MeV NeutronHPCapture
-> 19.9 MeV–100 TeV nRadCapture
Neutron Inelastic -> 0–20 MeV NeutronHPInelastic
-> 19.9 MeV–9.9 GeV Binary Cascade
Neutron Elastic -> 0 eV–20 MeV NeutronHPElastic
-> 20 MeV–100 TeV hElasticCHIPS
Proton Inelastic -> 0–9.9 GeV Binary Cascade

Any suggestions?

Thanks all and i appreciate the help,
Kurt W. Van Delinder


I would suggest to use QGSP_BIC, QBBC, or QGSP_BIC_HP Physics Lists. There is no need making custom physics for this task.


Thanks Vlad, much appreciated