What would be a good Geant4 machine?

I would like to buy a desktop computer specifically for Geant4 simulations on which several users can work remotely. The operating system will be a Linux system but which one is still open.

What would be important points regarding CPU, RAM etc. that I should consider especially for Geant4? Can you maybe even recommend a brand/machine?

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Geant4 is a library rather than an application, so the question is rather “what are the CPU/RAM/I-O characteristics of your application(s) built on top of Geant4”. Unless you know this, e.g. via profiling, then what balance of cores/RAM/disk and types etc to purchase within the budget won’t be clear.

Sorry to not be more helpful here, but it’s a difficult question to answer without the above information!

Thank you for the answer. I was just told that there is no budget and that we simply have existing computers to choose from… so I didn’t need to ask here.

But anyway. The planned simulations would be based on an advanced example such as “Human Phantom” but with the PhysicsList for example Shielding. A realistic budget would be 2k€

I hope this information helps.

Hi Clemens,

Indeed as Ben replied, it is difficult to give a precise answer without knowing the application in depth: how large a geometry is being simulated, whether the I/O plays a role. But unless your application has a very large geometry the RAM require per thread is relatively modest, so I would expect a server with 16GB ram would be reasonable even for running 16 threads on a recent machine with a ‘beefy’ CPU. Beyond this, the more real threads the better - except that the memory bandwidth and latency will affect the application at some point - and as Ben points out there is no better way to check this than running the application on the particular system or one with similar characteristics.

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