Which physics process for characteristic x rays?

Hello, all,

As we know, characteristic x-rays can be generated if below are used.
G4VAtomDeexcitation* de = new G4UAtomicDeexcitation();

I was just wondering which “physics process” is used in Geant4 to describe the generation of characteristic x rays?
For example, “eIoni” is the process name for electron ionization. so, my question is what is the process name for generating characteristic x rays?



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Atomic deexcitation (x-rays, fluorescence, Auger e-) is not a process by itself, but an optional component of the final state of several processes : photoelectric, Compton, ionization.
So, there is not a specific “process name” for this phenomena.

Thanks so much for your answer, Michel.
now I understand the three options for the atomic de excitation.
In the G4VAtomDeexcitation Class,
there are: SetFluo(), SetAuger() and SetPIXE() functions.

I have one more question.
Since PIXE is used for describing characteristic x rays, as explained here:
so, the statement in my original question is incorrect. I said fluo is for characteristic x rays.

Now, my question is: what phenomenon is fluo used to describe?
Thanks again.