Zero output when using flatSurfaceCurrent with a cylindrical mesh or using cylinderSurfaceCurrent with a cylindrical mesh

Hi all,

I am having trouble scoring the fluence using a cylindrical mesh. The relevant commands in my macro file are as follows:

    #Cylinder Mesh setup
    /score/create/cylinderMesh scoringMesh
    /score/mesh/nBin 1 1 1  #for cylindrical mesh parameters are,  No of radial bins, number of z axis bins, number of phi bins
    /score/mesh/cylinderSize 1.2 0.1 cm 
    /score/mesh/translate/xyz 0 0 -2 cm 
    /score/quantity/cylinderSurfaceFlux cSFe-
    /score/filter/particle electronFilter e-
    #/score/filter/energy 10 50 MeV

    /score/quantity/cylinderSurfaceFlux cSFe+
    /score/filter/particle positronFilter e+

    /score/quantity/cylinderSurfaceFlux cSFphoton
    /score/filter/particle photonFilter gamma

The cylindrical mesh works for quantities such as doseDeposit and energyDeposit, however does not work with flatSurfaceFlux/Current. I have tried to go into the source code of Geant4, and there I found that the cylindrical mesh equivalent commands were commented out in the PS source files. After uncommenting all cylindricalSurfaceFlux/Current instances and recompiling and install Geant4, I still find that I get only zeros as the output when using a cylinder mesh and cylinderSurfaceFlux/Current quantity.

Does anyone have experience with this and can shed some light?