Can't see 558 keV peak from the deexcitation of Cd-114

Hello, I’m simulating the interaction between thermal neutron and Cd-113 and there should be an obvious 558keV gamma peak in the spectrum created by the deexcitation of Cd-114, a product of the interaction. However, I can’t see it anymore even after I increased the thickness of Cd-113 to 1.5 cm. The physics list I use is FTFP_BERT_HP with Neutron HP Thermal Scattering. The energy of neutron source is 0.0253 eV. I don’t know what I should do to get a right result. Could you help me?

Here, a run of example Hadr03.
The physics constructor is FTFP_BERT_HP (see
Do not forget to set USE_ONLY_PHOTON_EVAPORATION = true

YuX.mac.txt (334 Bytes)
YuX.out.txt (1.5 KB)

Sorry for this late reply. I tried YuX.mac.txt you sent in example Hadr03, but the result is not satisfying. Could you please tell me where to set USE_ONLY_PHOTON_EVAPORATION = true and the meaning of this order? It will be better if you can also lead me to somewhere I am able to learn it by myself. Thank you very much.Processing: root screenshot.bmp…

ParticleHP package uses several environment variables to define physics options.
USE_ONLY_PHOTON_EVAPORATION force ParticleHP to use PhotonEvaporation data set instead of its own deexcitation scheme.
I am unable to give a detailed description of all env variables (maybe in Geant4 doc ? …)
A list of env variables pertinent for users is included in examples hadronic :

  • in Geant4 10.6 and earlier, see (or .csh)
  • in Geant4 10.7, env variables have been replaced by C++ statements to be put in the main; see

Thank you for your friendly help! I’ve seen the 558 keV peak in the spectrum after setting USE_ONLY_PHOTON_EVAPORATION = true.

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