"g4root.hh" file not found!

I am trying to compile a Geant4 repository but it’s giving me following error:

How can I fix this? As I can see, “g4root.hh” does not exist. Any help would be appreciated.


It is mentioned here to replace “g4root.hh” as “G4AnalysisManager.hh”

Dear @chtee

I have replaced “g4root.hh” with “G4AnalysisManager.hh” only to get another set of errors. May you have a look at it?

I am attaching a small portion of it:

I just cannot figure out the necessary modification I need to make to compile it. Any help would be really appreciated.

~ Debodyuti

As this code is hosted on Github: OCL_GEANT4/OCL at master · oslocyclotronlab/OCL_GEANT4 · GitHub it’s probably best to raise an issue on their Issues board

The errors are coming from bad/old C++ in that code, so it’ll be necessary to review that with the upstream developers.