Geant4-dna molecular geometries-data

Recently, I always fail to download geometric data in molecular_dna example, but it was successfully downloaded before.The error is reported as follows:

By the way,why the “performing test cmake_have_libc_pthread” failed?

Thanks for your report! Maybe, sometime the server is overloaded or because of the connection. Please, try it again later. For cmake_have_libc_pthread failed, please check pre-compiled libraries.

Sorry,for “performing test cmake_have_libc_pthread failed",will it affect the simulation result?

no, it won’t affect the results

I have the same problem
I want to run code “moleculardna”
but it appears to me as Fig.1
I have excellent internet
Also, I need geometry construction for DNA
I used " dna/dnadamage1"
I can’t extract the geometry ???It does not show me the DNA picture “geometry structure does not appear to me”??

the message says that this example needs internet to download geometry data file. Please check your connection and try one again.

The internet is excellent for me. Can you give me another example، please help me? for the study of Standard DNA damage(SSB,DSB)

I worked on extracting the DNA from such as dan/wholenuclear
and it appeared to me like this as fig.png, but I want to make sure of the results. I need an example in Geant4 that works on the DNA geometry to “DNA damage(SSB,DSB)”
Thank you very much

I need to run like “moleculardna”
When I make a make, it appears to me as in the figure
thank you

This is already posted and answered here:

Please try and keep posts focused and don’t posts the same question in multiple threads.