110mAg and 108mAg decay gamma spectra?

Hi, I need to simulate the gamma spectra of 110mAg and 108mAg decay . Which Geant4 version is able to handle accuratly these cases ? And what are the corresponding macro commands ? I’m currently running geant4-10-04-patch-02

Thanks a lot for any help.

With example rdecay01 and macro silver.mac (below), you will be able to judge if the decay chains are accurate enough.
I use Geant4-10-07 with RadioactiveDecay5.6 and PhotonEvaporation5.7 data sets.
The plots are Ag108m and Ag110m

silver.mac.txt (288 Bytes)

Hi Maire
Thank you very much for your answer, I will try and let you know if it corresponds to what I expect.
Have a nice day