A question about the parameter verbose of G4EmStandardPhysics_option3

I’m recently using G4EmStandardPhysics_option3 and I don’t quite understand the parameter verbose in the constructor. I looked up the G4 code and in the code I see the following application of verbose.

if(verbose > 1)
       G4cout << "### " << GetPhysicsName() << " instantiates for " 
              << particleName << G4endl;

So at first I thought this parameter was just used to control the output of information about the particle type. But when I changed the parameter verbose from 1 to 2, the experimental data changed a lot.

Here are the results of my data

I’m wondering if this situation is related to the verbose value, or if it simply stems from data fluctuations.

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Dear Jodie,

the verbosity parameter does not change physics results, but it is used to increase/decrease the amount of debugging printout of the model. The change in the results from your plot is very sizable (although there is no indication of statistical uncertainties…), which seems very strange to me. Are you sure that the only modification between the two jobs is the verbosity parameters?


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