About feature changes

Hi, i have been using v10.6 (patch2) for a while and try v11.0.0 recently.
I cannot reproduce the curvature of a particle in a magnetic field with v11.0.0.
there was no warning or error whatsoever.
is there any change in the way g4 handle or track particle in B-field (from v10.6 to v11) ?
also, is the tag v10.6.2 (on github) is the same as v10.6p2

_Geant4 Version:_v11.0.0
_Operating System:_macos ventura
CMake Version:

If you wish to see the curvature, you need to specify smooth:

/vis/scene/add/trajectories smooth

Otherwise you only see a straight line between the pre-step-point and the post-step-point.

sorry it was not vis problem.
i can see the path but it was a straight line (which is not expected)

Yes, that v10.6p2 tag corresponds to v10.6.2.

On the curvature issues, all I can suggest is consulting the Release Notes under the pages for each release here: Old Geant4 releases - Geant4 . It might also be worth trying against 10.6.3 and 10.7.4 before v11, at least to narrow things down.

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