About RunAction and EventAction

Hello fellas,
I want to make sure of something: so, in Geant4, a Run is made out of a number of Events and one Event is made out of a number of Steps, am I right?

Also, I have to determine the total dose in 1 Run, how can I do it? I created a G4MultiFunctionalDetector and attributed to it a G4VPrimitiveScorer (the one that computes the dose, G4PSDoseDeposit). What to do in order to tell Geant4 for which logical volumes I want to have the dose calculated and how to make an output file that gives me the dose? G4 Examples are pretty complicated to understand for me…

1- a precision : an event is made of tracks. A track is made of steps.

2- you are exactly in the situation of example basic B4d.
See B4 Readme and DetectorConstruction::ConstructSDandField()

I am not familiar with this approach: I cannot tell you much more …
May I suggest you to contact directly Makoto.Asai@cern.ch or Marc.Verderi@llr.in2p3.fr or Alberto.Ribon@cern.ch

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