Access to the energies of the transition gammas while decay with G4NucLevel

I am trying to update a old code about some radioactive activation inside a simulation of a mass model(g4 v10.03) to the recent version v11.

I would like to get access to the energy of the transition gammas from a excited state of nucleus. I have something like this :

G4Ions* Nucleus = ... //whatever example of ion
const G4LevelManager* M = G4NuclearLevelData::GetInstance()->GetLevelManager(Nucleus->GetAtomicNumber(), Nucleus->GetAtomicMass());

//get the nearest level 
const G4NucLevel* NuclearLevel = M->NearestLevel(Nucleus->GetExcitationEnergy());

//loop on the transition gamma
for (int h = 0; h < int(NuclearLevel->NumberOfTransitions()); ++h) {
                    cout<<"Gamma energy: "<< ????<<endl;

Before on v10 it was handle by G4NuclearLevel with the method GammaEnergies() wich return the vector of gammas energies but it no longer exist and i have to use now G4NucLevel but i don’t see any method which would allow me to retrieve the gammas energies.

Thank you !