Access to the energies of the transition gammas while decay with G4NucLevel

I am trying to update a old code about some radioactive activation inside a simulation of a mass model(g4 v10.03) to the recent version v11.

I would like to get access to the energy of the transition gammas from a excited state of nucleus. I have something like this :

G4Ions* Nucleus = ... //whatever example of ion
const G4LevelManager* M = G4NuclearLevelData::GetInstance()->GetLevelManager(Nucleus->GetAtomicNumber(), Nucleus->GetAtomicMass());

//get the nearest level 
const G4NucLevel* NuclearLevel = M->NearestLevel(Nucleus->GetExcitationEnergy());

//loop on the transition gamma
for (int h = 0; h < int(NuclearLevel->NumberOfTransitions()); ++h) {
                    cout<<"Gamma energy: "<< ????<<endl;

Before on v10 it was handle by G4NuclearLevel with the method GammaEnergies() wich return the vector of gammas energies but it no longer exist and i have to use now G4NucLevel but i don’t see any method which would allow me to retrieve the gammas energies.

Thank you !

I see I could use :


But the energy of the final excitation level corresponding to the gamma transition is not always the same as the energy of the gamma ray corresponding to the gamma transition right ?