Accurate definition of how to organize materials

I was recently comparing the energy deposition of radioactive seeds I designed without using inter-tissue, and I know that to accurately define the density of different organs needs to be based on the icru protocol. But the protocol I have in my hand is published in 1989 and also the protocol I have in my hand is not complete yet. So I would like to ask if this protocol is still convincing or if a more accurate protocol is now available. If there is no new protocol, where should I download the complete ICRU Report 44, and if there is a new protocol, where should I download it? Thank you for your help.

Dear Jodi, Probably a good starting point is to use the tissues defined in the ICRP110 Human Phantom. You can find it as An Advanced Example of Geant4.

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Dear guatelli, I have found the example you mentioned and then in the ICRP110PhantomMaterial_Male file I see a very detailed material definition similar to this:

d = 1.920 *g/cm3;
  fBone = new G4Material("bone",d,9);
  fBone -> AddElement(elH,0.036);
  fBone -> AddElement(elC,0.159);
  fBone -> AddElement(elN,0.042);
  fBone -> AddElement(elO,0.448);
  fBone -> AddElement(elNa,0.003);
  fBone -> AddElement(elMg,0.002);
  fBone -> AddElement(elP,0.094);
  fBone -> AddElement(elS,0.003);
  fBone -> AddElement(elCa,0.213);

I think I can just copy the material and use it in my code. Thanks for the suggestion so that I can use more accurate material in my experiments. It will also allow me to avoid going back to the icru protocol

ICRP 110 is a good start point as Susanna said. To my knowledge (and I also asked some people more expert than me) there is no other ICRU document defining materials.
But I wanted to use this thread to point you to a Web page that I think is very useful to get material compositions for simulation: