Activation and Setting Irradiation time

Hello! I’m trying to calculate about activation. So I have 2 questions.

  1. I ran the Geant4/examples/extended/radioactivedecay/Activation. Is there a process to show activation below? Also, if it is not here, which part of the output can be seen?
    Process calls frequency :
    RadioactiveDecay= 389 Transportation= 1488 annihil= 4
    compt= 86 conv= 4 eIoni= 182
    hadElastic= 21 ionIoni= 205 msc= 97
    nCapture= 92 phot= 4

  2. In the same example, Co60.mac is beam irradiation time is 10 years. What should I do if I set the irradiation time multiple times and set the non-irradiation time? example)
    ① Irradiation time = 1 hour
    ② non-irradiation time = 24 hours
    ③ irradiation time = 2 hours

I would be grateful for your help.

1- I am not sure to understand your question. Activity can come from all electromagnetic or hadronic processes, including radioactive decay. See Readme, liste of histograms.
If you run Co60.mac, activity of gamma is histo 14.

2- you must modify line 104 of

Thank you for your cooperation.
1- I almost understood.

2- Please tell me the details about that. I would appreciate it if you could give me an example.

The idea is that, in your case, the time zero of the event is uniformly random within [0, 1 hour] or [25,27] hour. I would write something like :

G4double dt1 = 1 * hour, dt2 = 24 * hour, dt3 = 2*hour;
G4double limit = dt1/(dt1+dt3);
G4double t0 = 0;
G4double rndm = G4UniformRand();
if (rndm < limit ) t0 = rndm * dt1;
else t0 = dt1 + dt2 + rndm * dt3;

( I did not yet tested the algorithm above …)

Thank you for reply and sorry for the delay it.
I don’t understand your example.Why can I use random numbers to set the irradiation time and the subsequent non-irradiation time?

Please teach again.

The time of beam exposure is simulated at line 104 of Without this, all neutron capture reactions would happen instantaneously at time = 0.
I suggest to replace this line by the following code :

timeZero.txt (405 Bytes)

I choose ’ year ’ to get nice, well explicit plots, but you can choose what you want.
I attach plots of Co60 population and gamma activity.

kami.mac.txt (587 Bytes)

Hello! Thank you for teaching me.
I understood it perfectly!

I appreciate it!