Add magnetic field

Dear Friends,
I want to add the magnetic field in chem, but an error will be got when I run the example. And cmake and make are not error. When I don’t add the magnetic field, the code will work.

This is my magnetic, I use the method mentioned in B2a.

And this is the massage of magnetic field and error in terminal.

And I have a question why the massage of "FieldValue = (0 0 1 KG) ", the unit of magnetic is KG? I have set tesla.

Thank you.

They are the same. 1 kG = 0.1 T. Geant4 doesn’t store your units choice as a separate object.

Thank you. But why the magnetic field my set is not working? Can’t G4dna set the magnetic field?


G4-DNA chemistry has not yet supported external fields.

We have a plan but it could take sometime…