Adding chanel for nuclear reaction

Hello dear geant4 users. Is it possible to add In113 (n[1 eV],g) In114 reaction, cross section 10^4 barn. I know that energy range for toolkit is 250 eV. But maybe someone know the way to implement this low energy reaction. Could you plese give some examples or advice?
I use ShieldingLEND physics list.

Tnak you in advance!

For neutron projectile Geant4 uses G4NDL data set.
Here, an output of example Hadr03.
In113.mac.txt (205 Bytes)
In113.out.txt (3.0 KB)

Tnak you! So there are reactions with 1 eV neutron. This is good.


250 eV low-limit does not exist in Geant4. Youmay grep and will not find out any such constant.